Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

Adzviser is specifically designed for the needs of freelancers and agencies who work with clients managing web analytics, PPC and social media campaigns. A regular task when managing marketing efforts for a client is to communicate and report the performance metrics of their marketing spend on platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads and Google Analytics. Although there are many existing software solutions for this need, we believe that Adzviser offers the most flexible yet affordable solution among our competitors.

The problem with our competitors like Supermetrics for freelancers and agencies

Many of our competitors, including Supermetrics, are expensive yet inflexible. They impose various restrictions on your operational capability:

  • Account Connections: Limits on the number of accounts you can connect per data source.
  • Query Caps: Restrictions on the number of queries you can execute daily or monthly.
  • Data Source and Feature Access: Access is restricted to a specific set of data sources and features within your current subscription plan.

To overcome these limitations, freelancers and agencies are often required to upgrade your plan and pay more.

At Adzviser, we have created a flexible and affordable solution for freelancers and agencies. We strive to impose no restrictive barriers on marketers. All of the subscription plans offer complete access to every feature we've developed, with the only difference being the number of data sources you can connect. This is akin to choosing a cup size when you order coffee; you get the same quality coffee, just in the amount that suits your needs.

Talk to marketing data on ChatGPT to enhance your cross-channel report and analysis

Even if you're a technical marketer familiar with Google Ads, Meta Ad UIs, and skilled in pulling reports and conducting analyses, remember your clients might not be. With Adzviser, both you and your clients can intuitively understand campaign, ad group, and ad level performance metrics simply by conversing with our GPTs (see our prompt templates). As an agency marketer or a freelancer, you can input an exemplary, previously crafted manual report into our GPTs and request to generate a new analysis based on the latest data from Adzviser. This significantly boosts your productivity in creating monthly reports for numerous clients. Additionally, our GPTs can handle one-off and ad hoc requests from your clients, answering any questions they may have about costs and returns, and more. It reduces turnaround times and improves both responsiveness and your clients’ experience with your agency.

Jumpstart the onboarding of new Google Ads clients with our account auditing GPT

Onboarding a new client often requires an initial audit to identify opportunities for improvement. Traditionally, this could take hours due to the complexity of the Google Ads UI and the volume of historical data. Adzviser's Google Ads auditing feature automates this process using a checklist of best practices sourced from expert resources like r/PPC, Search Engine Land. This not only speeds up the workflow but also ensures a thorough and efficient account review. Watch a demo here.

Create your own custom GPT with Adzviser’s APIs

While our standard GPTs meet the needs of many marketers, you might have unique instructions or specific knowledge that you want to integrate into a personalized AI agent. Additionally, if you often find yourself repeating the same prompts, you can save these custom prompts directly to your AI agent for future use. If this sounds beneficial, consider building your custom GPT with Adzviser. Some of our clients, including agency marketers and freelancers, have tailored their AI agents to include their clients’ industry-specific data, seasonal trends, and even key business metrics such as inventory and sales. These customizations have empowered them to obtain deeper and more personalized analysis from the AI agents, enhancing the value they deliver to their own clients.

Receive an auto-generated spreadsheet in your inbox with every query you make on ChatGPT

Unfortunately, as good as OpenAI’s large language models, ChatGPT occasionally produces errors or “hallucinates”. This means that even with the correct data input from Adzviser, ChatGPT might misinterpret it and provide inaccurate reports and analysis. To mitigate this rare issue, Adzviser sends you an auto-generated spreadsheet to your inbox (You can also choose to opt-out of this feature if preferred). This spreadsheet contains the exact dataset sent to ChatGPT, allowing marketers to verify and ensure the accuracy of the analysis they receive.

Effortlessly import marketing data into Google Sheets with our add-on

Many marketers are accustomed to conducting in-depth data analysis on spreadsheets. Recognizing this need, Adzviser introduces the Google Sheets add-on that seamlessly integrates at no additional cost. With just a few clicks, you can select the specific metrics and breakdowns you want, and pull extensive data—ranging up to tens of thousands of rows—directly into your spreadsheet from any specified date range. Once the data is in Google Sheets, you can then easily apply your preferred analytical formulas, such as VLOOKUP or FILTER, to delve deeper into your clients' marketing metrics.

Automate your data updates with daily, weekly or monthly scheduled refreshes

You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly report refreshes with Adzviser Google Sheets add-on to effortlessly monitor your clients’ performance metrics. By setting up automatic refreshes, you can consistently access the most up-to-date data from your clients’ marketing platforms—including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Meta Ads, and more—directly in one consolidated spreadsheet. You can set up your desired queries just once in our Google Sheets add-on and you eliminate the need for manual operations in the future. It saves you time and streamlines your workflow. Watch a demo here.

Monitor your performance metrics on Looker Studio dashboards

As an agency or freelance marketer, you often need to keep an eye on key metrics together with your clients. With Adzviser’s connectors, it's easy to extract metrics and dimensions directly from your clients’ marketing platforms. Simply drag and drop these elements to create compelling, visual dashboards on the Looker Studio canvas.

Free report and dashboard templates

Adzviser provides galleries of free templates for both Google Sheets and Looker Studio. By connecting your clients' data sources to Adzviser, you can easily integrate performance metrics into our expertly designed templates. Customize these dashboards to fit specific needs, and share them with your clients to consistently monitor their cross-channel marketing performance. Watch a demo here.

No limitations on accounts connections, queries, features, data sources

Agency and freelance marketers love Adzviser for its flexibility. With Adzviser, you can confidently manage dozens of client accounts and connect all of their data sources to our supported destinations without any restrictions. Feel free to run and schedule as many queries as necessary—we've got the rest covered. Moreover, we won't require you to upgrade your subscription plan to access specific data sources, unlike our competitors.

Give Adzviser a chance

If you are an agency or freelance marketer who manages many clients’ accounts and hopes to have one tool that jumpstarts your analytics affordably, Adzviser should be the go-to tool for you and your clients. Sign up for a 14-day trial at $0.99 and experience how Adzviser can enhance your workflow and client interactions. Feel free to use Adzviser alongside your existing analytics tools to directly compare the benefits. Make an informed decision about incorporating Adzviser into your long-term strategy.

Adzviser: affordable marketing analytics

Made and hosted entirely in the USA, Adzviser maintains affordable pricing for marketers through the following methods.

Adzviser: flexible marketing data connector barely with limits

At Adzviser, we are committed to unlocking greater potential and productivity through flexibility. Our offerings are divided into two primary areas of flexibility: business and engineering.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

Adzviser is specifically designed for the needs of freelancers and agencies who work with clients managing web analytics, PPC and social media campaigns.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for in-house marketers

Adzviser can be a powerful tool for in-house marketers dedicated to the companies they serve. As an in-house marketer, you may wear multiple hats and run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms––from web analytics and social media to SEO and PPC.

Easy to use, affordable marketing analytics tool for ecommerce and startups

Adzviser helps founders of ecommerce and tech startups get performance metrics from their marketing platforms and web analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Our platform supports a comprehensive range of data sources and destinations.

Adzviser: a simple tool to analyze marketing metrics

The goal of Adzviser is to provide marketers with extremely easy access to their data fast and accurately. If you don’t find our solution usefully simple, we have failed.

What makes Adzviser a great Supermetrics alternative

Many marketers rely on Supermetrics to connect to their marketing data and conduct analytics on platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio.