Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for in-house marketers

Adzviser can be a powerful tool for in-house marketers dedicated to the companies they serve. As an in-house marketer, you may wear multiple hats and run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms––from web analytics and social media to SEO and PPC. You may have direct access to internal data such as sales and inventory data. Additionally, you may have developed a deep understanding of the brand, its products and its culture. Therefore, this comprehensive understanding makes it vital to stay current with key metrics from your cross channel campaigns. Adzviser can assist you to identify missed opportunities, reallocate budget effectively and refine ad copies by making marketing analytics easier than ever.

Connect to Cross-Channel Data Sources

Adzviser supports a wide array of data sources, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads and more. As in-house marketers, you probably often juggle various roles and manage campaigns across multiple channels. With Adzviser, you can easily:

  • Quickly gather cross-channel performance insights using ChatGPT.

  • Blend cross-channel metrics in Google Sheets for detailed reporting.

  • Monitor your campaigns with visually engaging dashboards in Looker Studio.

Customize Your AI Agent on ChatGPT with Adzviser APIs

Incorporating AI in company workflows has become increasingly popular and effective in recent years. In-house marketers can leverage ChatGPT to build a shareable, custom GPT, an internal AI Agent, to jumpstart marketing analytics across your teams and leadership circles. With your company’s internal data such as inventory data, sales data, you can build a powerful GPT along with our APIs as actions to retrieve your marketing data. In addition, you can also use APIs from other sources, such as Zapier, and provide custom knowledge and instructions to your GPT. This customization allows in-house marketers to amplify the capabilities of your GPT.

Standard AI-Driven Insight on ChatGPT

Adzviser has an array of standard GPTs listed publicly on ChatGPT. By simply entering prompts, In-house marketers can leverage our GPTs, to directly pull your performance metrics and breakdowns to ChatGPT, analyze your marketing data, optimize your campaigns, keywords and ad copies. You can drastically reduce communication turnaround times across teams and make well-informed data driven decisions timely. Furthermore, every time when you prompt our GPTs in search of metrics, Adzviser automatically generates a spreadsheet to your inbox. It is the exact same copy of data that we send to ChatGPT, serving as both ground truth and a reliable backup in cases when ChatGPT does not deliver ideal analysis.

Simplified Reporting on Google Sheets

In-house marketers often keep a suite of spreadsheets of the performance metrics which they share with the sales and the leadership teams, such as Cost and ROAS on Google Ads, Engagement time and conversions from Google Analytics, etc. Adzviser can certainly automate this effort with our Google Sheets add-on. By selecting your desired metrics and breakdowns from connected data sources, you can easily pull the data to spreadsheets. In addition, you can also effortlessly schedule automatic refreshes to your reports to accommodate your regular reporting cadence. More specifically, you can choose predefined date ranges like “Last month”, “This Month to date”, “Previous Period of the same length”. Each time your reports automatically refresh, they will update based on the current date of each refresh. Watch a demo here.

Flexible Dashboards on Looker Studio

Adzviser is offered as community connectors on Looker Studio. These connectors allow in-house marketers to tailor your views and reports to track APIs and metrics that matter most to your brand and business. You can activate multiple connectors on Looker Studio to build a cross-channel dashboard for data sources such as Google Ads, Meta Ads and Instagram Insights, etc. The Looker Studio has a gentle learning curve and you will be able to build dashboards, both high level and detailed, within minutes. Of course, you can also leverage our dashboard templates to easily plug in your connected data and play.

No Usage Limitations

Adzviser does not have usage limits. You can freely use Adzviser’s services as many times as you’d like per day. Our platform is designed and built to scale. In fact, we avoid imposing usage caps not only to enhance user experience but also because setting and maintaining such limits can actually increase our own operational costs in terms of development and maintenance.

Great Customer Support

We recognize the crucial need for dependable customer support in the fast-paced world of SaaS. Marketing analytics can be complex, but our goal at Adzviser is to simplify this challenge for you. We aim to provide more than just a software solution; we offer personalized customer support to assist you every step of the way. Inspired by the exemplary service model of Costco, we strive to deliver the same level of outstanding customer experience. If you have any questions about our services or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jumpstart your marketing analytics with Adzviser

Adzviser is the go-to marketing data connector for in-house marketers who tackle diverse roles. With our extensive array of supported data sources and integration capabilities, we provide invaluable tools for your marketing team. Whether you prefer using Adzviser on ChatGPT, Google Sheets, or Looker Studio, our all-in-one subscription plans offer unmatched flexibility and affordability.

Start your 14-day trial today for just $0.99 and discover why our exceptional customer service makes Adzviser a favorite among professionals.

Adzviser: affordable marketing analytics

Made and hosted entirely in the USA, Adzviser maintains affordable pricing for marketers through the following methods.

Adzviser: flexible marketing data connector barely with limits

At Adzviser, we are committed to unlocking greater potential and productivity through flexibility. Our offerings are divided into two primary areas of flexibility: business and engineering.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

Adzviser is specifically designed for the needs of freelancers and agencies who work with clients managing web analytics, PPC and social media campaigns.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for in-house marketers

Adzviser can be a powerful tool for in-house marketers dedicated to the companies they serve. As an in-house marketer, you may wear multiple hats and run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms––from web analytics and social media to SEO and PPC.

Easy to use, affordable marketing analytics tool for ecommerce and startups

Adzviser helps founders of ecommerce and tech startups get performance metrics from their marketing platforms and web analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Our platform supports a comprehensive range of data sources and destinations.

Adzviser: a simple tool to analyze marketing metrics

The goal of Adzviser is to provide marketers with extremely easy access to their data fast and accurately. If you don’t find our solution usefully simple, we have failed.

What makes Adzviser a great Supermetrics alternative

Many marketers rely on Supermetrics to connect to their marketing data and conduct analytics on platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio.