Visualize and monitor performance with Looker Studio

Adzviser in Looker Studio complements our ChatGPT integration and our Google Sheets add-on. Effortlessly blend, visualize and monitor all your marketing data with Looker Studio Dashboards in just a few clicks.

  • Facebook Ads (link)
  • Facebook Insights (being verified by Google)
  • Instagram Insights (being verified by Google)
  • Microsoft Bing Ads (being verified by Google)
  • LinkedIn Ads (being verified by Google)
  • Pinterest Ads (being verified by Google)
  • TikTok Ads (being verified by Google)
  • Snapchat Ads (being verified by Google)

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Adzviser on Looker Studio Image

How to connect Looker Studio

Step 1 - Create a Workspace

Select the data sources that you want to share to Looker Studio. Learn more about how to create a workspace here.

Step 2 - Connect to Looker Studio

Connect to your Google account to enable Looker Studio. Once connected, follow the steps to create a new dashboard in Looker Studio, utilizing Adzviser as your data connector. If you already have an existing dashboard, simply add Adzviser as a connector to integrate with your current data setup.

Step 3 - Work with the data

Your data is now imported and is now ready to use in Looker Studio. You are all set to start visualizing your data in any format you choose.