Easy to use, affordable marketing analytics tool for ecommerce and startups

Adzviser helps founders of ecommerce and tech startups get performance metrics from their marketing platforms and web analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Our platform supports a comprehensive range of data sources and destinations, offering versatile marketing analytics solutions including interactive Q&A with ChatGPT, in-depth analysis via Google Sheets, and dynamic dashboarding with Looker Studio.

Our pricing plans are designed to be both affordable and straightforward, as simple as you buy coffee from a coffee shop. It allows you to allocate more resources towards marketing and other critical business operations to drive growth.

Talk to Your Marketing Data with ChatGPT

Many founders and business owners may not be experts in platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Meta Ads—and that's perfectly understandable, given their complexity. Often, you might rely on in-house marketers or agencies to manage your conversion tracking, ad campaigns, and web analytics. However, staying informed about key metrics such as ROI, Google Ads costs, website conversions, and more is crucial. Adzviser addresses this need by enabling non-technical marketers and founders to quickly access insights into these metrics simply by conversing with ChatGPT. You can ask questions like:

  • "How much did I spend on Google Ads today, and how many conversions did I get?"
  • "What is the search impression share on Google Ads this week versus last week?"
  • "Which product has had the highest conversion rate on Google Ads this year?"
  • "How many visitors were on my website, and where did they come from?"
  • "What is the bounce rate of my site?"
  • "How many people did I reach on Meta Ads?"

Our ChatGPT integration processes your natural language queries to fetch accurate data from these platforms and delivers the information you need directly to you. Discover more about what you can do with our ChatGPT integrations in our prompt libraries.

Visualize & Monitor Performance Metrics with Free Dashboard Templates

If you prefer monitoring your performance metrics visually, Adzviser makes it simple and efficient. Our free dashboard templates on both Google Sheets and Looker Studio enable you to create personalized dashboards in just two minutes. Simply click a few buttons to connect the templates to your Adzviser workspace. For added convenience, you can set up automatic refreshes to update your data daily, weekly, or monthly, ensuring you always have the latest insights at your fingertips. Watch a demo here.

Gain Insights into Your Competitors' Ad Campaigns

For any founder or business owner, understanding competitor strategies is essential. You may be curious about:

  • New products or features competitors are launching, or
  • Current promotions, or
  • Emerging trends in your industry, etc.

Adzviser addresses these needs by providing precise and comprehensive competitor ad copy intelligence, available in both text and image formats. Our tool, PPC Ads Competitive Intelligence GPT, serves as a free alternative to expensive competitive intelligence tools like SEMRush and iSpionage. It accurately retrieves ad copies from both Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.

Simply prompt ChatGPT with a query like, “What ads did Burger King run in the United States this month?” and within 10 seconds, you'll receive detailed insights into the timing, geographical focus, and content of their advertising campaigns. This quick and comprehensive access allows you to stay informed and strategically responsive to the competitive landscape. What a demo here.

Great Customer Support, Made and Hosted in the USA with Affordable Pricing

Adzviser is proudly 100% bootstrapped, without VC backing, and entirely made in the USA. Our solo-founder, Zeyuan Gu, recognizes the importance of frugality in business growth. Besides, he understands that every business owner aims to optimize their returns on investments. This philosophy drives us to value each customer highly; we're not focused on impressing VCs with pitch decks for quick financial gains. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional, Costco-esque customer support, knowing that our success is directly tied to yours. Learn more about us here.

Our comprehensive platform, from front-end to back-end, is built in-house thanks to our founder’s strong engineering skills. We have made a strategic choice to never hire a sales team. All of these have allowed us to minimize costs and pass these savings onto you through our affordable pricing plans. We’re hopeful that with our commitment to value and great customer service, we could earn your trust and satisfaction and bring value to you and your business.

Supercharge Your Marketing Analytics: Start Your 14-Day Trial with Adzviser

Many founders of e-commerce and tech startups choose Adzviser for its easy-to-use features and exceptional value. Our dedication to outstanding customer support is also a top reason why our customers love us. If these benefits resonate with you, we invite you to experience the Adzviser difference firsthand. Start your 14-day trial today for just $0.99 and see the impact it can make on your marketing analytics.

Adzviser: affordable marketing analytics

Made and hosted entirely in the USA, Adzviser maintains affordable pricing for marketers through the following methods.

Adzviser: flexible marketing data connector barely with limits

At Adzviser, we are committed to unlocking greater potential and productivity through flexibility. Our offerings are divided into two primary areas of flexibility: business and engineering.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

Adzviser is specifically designed for the needs of freelancers and agencies who work with clients managing web analytics, PPC and social media campaigns.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for in-house marketers

Adzviser can be a powerful tool for in-house marketers dedicated to the companies they serve. As an in-house marketer, you may wear multiple hats and run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms––from web analytics and social media to SEO and PPC.

Easy to use, affordable marketing analytics tool for ecommerce and startups

Adzviser helps founders of ecommerce and tech startups get performance metrics from their marketing platforms and web analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Our platform supports a comprehensive range of data sources and destinations.

Adzviser: a simple tool to analyze marketing metrics

The goal of Adzviser is to provide marketers with extremely easy access to their data fast and accurately. If you don’t find our solution usefully simple, we have failed.

What makes Adzviser a great Supermetrics alternative

Many marketers rely on Supermetrics to connect to their marketing data and conduct analytics on platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio.