How is Adzviser different and better?

Our direct integration with ChatGPT will get your result fast.


Type your mind to fetch data with minimum scrolling, mousing and clicking.


Reach a good understanding of your performance without engineering.


Abridge the knowledge gap with generative AI, narrowing the divide between experts and novices in media planning, data analytics, and reporting, etc.

Simple, Connection-based Pricing

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Unlimited queries
Unlimited workspaces
A workspace helps you organize clients' cross channel accounts.
Unlimited accounts per data source
Spreadsheets to inbox
A data spreadsheet will be sent to your inbox each time when you use Adzviser, proudly made for spreadsheets ninjas.
Plugin access on ChatGPT
No data analytics experience required

Why Should I Choose Adzviser?

While Supermetrics can be costly and complex for many digital marketers to configure, Adzviser simplifies the process. With its direct integration with ChatGPT, Adzviser makes data extraction and analysis accessible and straightforward, even for those without technical expertise or prior experience. Explore more in our documentations.

Quick and easy to use

Say goodbye to excessive clicking and mousing on Google Sheets extensions. Type your mind and fetch your data effortlessly.

Direct Integration with ChatGPT

Reporting, validating hypothesis and analyzing data has never been made so easy. Don't use yesterday's tool to answer today's questions.

Multi-channel connections

While we offer fewer data source connections than Supermetrics, we're expanding our integrations. Your feedback is vital; tell us your crucial connections, and we'll prioritize.

Affordable and simple pricing

You only pay for what you use. No additional costs, no wasted resources. Every penny spent is directly utilized.

Data security in check

It allows quick and easy access to your proprietary data. Say goodbye to writing platform-specific custom queries.


Quickly bring distributed metrics and dimensions together to access.

Google Ads
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
Facebook Insights
Instagram Insights
Microsoft Bing Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Pinterest Ads
TikTok Ads
Snapchat Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two modes to use Adzviser on ChatGPT, standard and expert. Please refer to our documentation for more.

At Adzviser, we prioritize your data security above all else. Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption and storage solutions, we ensure that your sensitive information is protected at every stage of transmission and processing. Our security measures include -
  1. Secure Storage: All sensitive data with regard to your connected accounts are stored in a highly secure and compliant environment with leading industry partners. This includes access controls, regular security audits, and multi-layered security protocols.
  2. Regular Monitoring and Compliance: Our systems are continuously monitored for any suspicious activities, and we adhere to internationally recognized security standards and regulations. More can be found in Terms and Conditions.
  3. Exclusive Access Control: No one but yourself has access to your data. We've implemented measures that ensure that your sensitive information is encrypted throughout the process and cannot even seen by us.

Trusting your data with ChatGPT is a consideration that requires understanding both the potential risks and benefits. Like other popular data destinations such as Looker Studio or Google Sheets, ChatGPT offers tremendous productivity advantages but comes with certain considerations:
  1. Visibility to OpenAI: While data entered into ChatGPT doesn't become publicly available, it might be visible to very few people at OpenAI, the organization behind the technology.
  2. Cybersecurity Considerations: Although there have been no known instances of membership inference attacks or breaches, the theoretical risk does exist. OpenAI is actively working to limit access to personal and sensitive data.
  3. Rapid Growth and Regulation: With the unprecedented and rapid expansion of ChatGPT, aligning with regulations and closing potential security gaps is an ongoing process. The technology is still young, and certain vulnerabilities might exist.
  4. Balancing Risks and Rewards: Like any innovative technology, using ChatGPT involves balancing potential risks with the considerable benefits it can bring to your productivity. The decision should be guided by an understanding of your specific needs, the value that ChatGPT can add to your processes, and a thoughtful evaluation of the associated risks.
  5. In conclusion, while ChatGPT operates with security measures in place, like any tool or platform handling data, there is an inherent level of risk. Your decision to trust your data with ChatGPT should weigh these factors against the considerable productivity gains that the service can provide.

We built Adzviser in response to a clear gap in the market for accessible and cost-effective marketing visualization tools. Many existing solutions, whether they involve extensions for Excel or Google Sheets, or pipelining data from data warehouses like Big Query to visualization endpoints such as Tableau or Looker Studio, entail a level of technical complexity that can be daunting. More can be found in our blog

A workspace in the context of Adzviser is a unified grouping of your various marketing accounts. Think of it as a personalized hub that consolidates different platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and more, all under one umbrella.

For example, if you have a customer like Glamour Grove with accounts across these platforms, you can create a dedicated workspace for them. The advantage of this approach is efficiency and ease of access. Want to know how much was spent last month for Glamour Grove? Simply ask Adzviser "How much did I spend for Glamour Grove last month", and it will pull data from all the accounts within that workspace, providing you with a comprehensive view at once. If you need more specific information, such as the expenditure on Google Ads alone, you can refine your question accordingly.

By grouping accounts into one workspace, you have a streamlined way to manage, query, and analyze your marketing data, offering a more organized and user-friendly experience.

We seek your full satisfaction with our Services. However, if you are not satisfied with our Services, you may cancel the Subscription and request a refund within thirty (30) days following your purchase of our Services (“Money Back Guarantee”). More can be found in our refund policy.

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, we've made the process simple for you. Just reach out to us through the provided form, and our team will assist you with the necessary adjustments.

Please be aware that when upgrading or downgrading your subscription, a prorated charge or refund may apply, reflecting the changes in your service level. We're committed to making this process as smooth and transparent as possible, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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