Why do marketers love us?

Our integration with ChatGPT, Google Sheets and Looker Studio offers both flexibility and efficiency.


Chat with your marketing data using ChatGPT to report, validate and optimize. Read more about our best practices and prompt libraries.


Reach a detailed understanding of your marketing performance with spreadsheets. Read more about how to install Google Sheets Add-on.


Build your own chatbot, tailored to your needs, with our API. Read more about how to build your own chatbot.

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Adzviser is designed to enhance marketing analytics endeavors of all scales. Whether it's a small in-house team or a large agency managing hundreds of accounts, Adzviser delivers affordable and hassle-free marketing data analytics solutions to support your marketing strategies.

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Customer Youssef Profile
Youssef Salah

Highly recommended, been using it since day 1. If you're looking to save hours of data analytics, Adzviser is the way to go πŸ™

Customer Waqas Profile
Waqas Waziri

Adzviser is a revolution in the PPC world. It saves me hours of time researching PPC accounts when I can just ask Adzviser and it gives me the perfect answer every time.

Customer Ray Profile
Ray de Vries

To say that I am blown away by Adzviser would be an understatement. It has helped my other business, Air Water, so much - we have increased sales in part because demand has picked up, but mainly because I am so much better informed with information due to using Adzviser. Value for money you are streets ahead.

Customer Andrew Profile
Andrew Flowers

I like the incorporation of GPT-4 into the Adzviser platform. Not only does it allow me to pull relevant Google Ads metrics, but I can get additional information simply by asking Chat GPT. Looking forward to seeing this product grow! The support team is also great - prompt and open to feedback.

Customer Jacob Profile
Jacob Koreluik

Overall, we are quite pleased with the plugin so far. I am impressed with how quickly it runs large queries. This software been a benefit to us.

Customer Jed Profile
Jed Perez

The tool is amazing. I've been using GPT to review the performance of the campaigns, and it's giving out on-point analysis.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is determined by the number of data sources connected, such as Google Ads, with unlimited accounts per source.

Number of data sources3
Your Price$19.99 / month


Unlimited queries
Unlimited workspaces
A workspace helps you organize clients' cross channel accounts.
Unlimited accounts per data source

Why Should I Choose Adzviser?

While Supermetrics can be costly and complex for many digital marketers to configure, Adzviser simplifies the process. With its direct integration with ChatGPT, Google Sheets and Looker Studio, Adzviser makes data extraction and analysis accessible and straightforward, even for those without technical expertise or prior experience. Explore more in our documentations.

Seamless Data Interpretation with ChatGPT

Utilize Generative AI to transform complex data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads into insightful, easy-to-understand reports. ChatGPT helps in making informed decisions by summarizing data trends, validating marketing hypotheses, and offering analytical insights effortlessly.

Interactive Analytics with ChatGPT

Engage with your marketing data through conversational AI. Ask questions, receive analysis, and explore your data in a dynamic, user-friendly manner. This interactive approach simplifies the complexity of data analysis, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Automated Insights with ChatGPT

Harness the power of AI to automatically generate actionable insights from your advertising data. Save time and resources by allowing ChatGPT to highlight key performance indicators, trends, and anomalies, enabling you to focus on strategy and optimization.

Centralized and Automated Updates with Google Sheets

Automatically import data from multiple advertising platforms into Google Sheets. Keep your data fresh with automatic updates to your centralized view of campaigns. This feature ensures you're always working with the latest information, allowing for timely analysis and decision-making without manual data entry.

Customizable Analysis and Reporting with Google Sheets

Leverage the flexibility of Google Sheets to create custom reports, dashboards, and analysis. Tailor your data visualization to meet specific business needs, enabling deeper insights and more strategic decision-making.

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