Adzviser: a simple tool to analyze marketing metrics

The goal of Adzviser is to provide marketers with extremely easy access to their data fast and accurately. If you don’t find our solution usefully simple, we have failed.

Adzviser will be particularly useful for you if you:

  • Often build reports but find it time-consuming to retrieve performance metrics like cost and impressions from platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, especially at scale.
  • Are a non-technical marketer eager effortlessly to keep tabs on analytics and make data-driven decisions.
  • Excel as a spreadsheet ninja, familiar with analyzing and modeling cross-platform metrics in bulk using various formulas and scripts to derive actionable insights programmatically.
  • Regularly monitor campaigns performances using dashboards that feature data visualizations like line/bar charts, maps and more.

What are marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics is the process of collecting, integrating and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). This field encompasses the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives by using important business metrics, such as ROAS, marketing attribution, and overall marketing effectiveness.

Adzviser is a simple marketing analytics tool

Adzviser jumpstarts marketing analytics by extracting metrics and breakdowns from various platforms and presenting them in a form that can be loaded in your favorite tools for deeper analysis, be it ChatGPT for AI-driven insights, Google Sheets for hands-on insights or Looker Studio for monitoring dashboards.

Adzviser is designed for ease of use, requiring no training or prior experience. Here's how you can leverage its features for different types of insights:

For AI-driven insights

Simply interact with our GPT models on ChatGPT by speaking or typing your query. For instance, ask, “What were the search impression shares on Google Ads from this month and last month?” and ChatGPT will quickly provide answers like, “This month your search impression share is X and last month it was Y.” Watch a demo here. You can refine your questions to alter parameters such as time range, specific metrics, and breakdowns for analysis. Let ChatGPT and Adzviser handle the complex analysis so you can focus on strategic decisions. Discover more prompt templates you could use for free.

For hands-on insights

Activate the Adzviser add-on in Google Sheets and easily select parameters like time granularity, metrics, and breakdowns from your connected data sources. Your data will be promptly exported to Google Sheets. Adzviser supports querying data from multiple data sources and time periods simultaneously within one request. Set up automatic updates to ensure your data is always relevant. Utilize our ready-made templates or create custom reports in Google Sheets to visualize, model, and analyze your data effectively. LEarn more about how to use Adzviser on Google Sheets here.

For monitoring dashboards

Use Adzviser’s connectors in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) to set up your data sources. The interface allows you to add and customize charts, controls, and other elements on your report canvas with ease. Adjust metrics and dimensions, referred to as breakdowns in Adzviser, by interacting with the fields in the properties panel or dragging them directly onto your chart from the data panel. Adzviser also offers a range of Looker Studio templates, enabling marketers to quickly integrate and visualize their data.

With Adzviser, you can easily make your data as a marketing superpower so you can make better-informed data-driven decisions. We welcome feedback from our community and invite you to stay updated on our latest software enhancements.

Give Adzviser a chance with a 14-day trial

Adzviser is an analytical superpower for both technical and non-technical marketers. You can seamlessly accurately report and analyze your marketing data using ChatGPT prompts. For deeper analysis, you can utilize spreadsheets. Additionally, you can set up monitoring dashboards for ongoing insights.

Sign up for a 14-day trial for $0.99 today. You can compare us with your existing marketing analytics solution to see which one works best for you.

Adzviser: affordable marketing analytics

Made and hosted entirely in the USA, Adzviser maintains affordable pricing for marketers through the following methods.

Adzviser: flexible marketing data connector barely with limits

At Adzviser, we are committed to unlocking greater potential and productivity through flexibility. Our offerings are divided into two primary areas of flexibility: business and engineering.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

Adzviser is specifically designed for the needs of freelancers and agencies who work with clients managing web analytics, PPC and social media campaigns.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for in-house marketers

Adzviser can be a powerful tool for in-house marketers dedicated to the companies they serve. As an in-house marketer, you may wear multiple hats and run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms––from web analytics and social media to SEO and PPC.

Easy to use, affordable marketing analytics tool for ecommerce and startups

Adzviser helps founders of ecommerce and tech startups get performance metrics from their marketing platforms and web analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Our platform supports a comprehensive range of data sources and destinations.

Adzviser: a simple tool to analyze marketing metrics

The goal of Adzviser is to provide marketers with extremely easy access to their data fast and accurately. If you don’t find our solution usefully simple, we have failed.

What makes Adzviser a great Supermetrics alternative

Many marketers rely on Supermetrics to connect to their marketing data and conduct analytics on platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio.