What makes Adzviser a great Supermetrics alternative

Many marketers rely on Supermetrics to connect to their marketing data and conduct analytics on platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio. While Supermetrics has developed a robust marketing analytics solution, consider Adzviser as a compelling alternative. Adzviser offers an intuitive AI-driven approach, greater flexibility, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for marketers seeking advanced features at a better value.

Adzviser is fully committed to ChatGPT-driven marketing analytics

While Supermetrics has a GPT that allows marketers to access their marketing data on ChatGPT, there are limitations:

Supermetrics does not permit the use of its APIs to create custom GPTs.

Adzviser offers marketers the flexibility to use our APIs to build personalized GPTs tailored to your specific instructions, knowledge, and actions. This flexibility enables you to develop custom and shareable AI agents that meet the unique analytics and reporting needs of your team. Within your custom GPT, you can input detailed context such as your business's industry, field, and the key metrics you need to monitor. As a result, the outputs from your GPT will be more relevant and useful.

Marketers cannot save their preferences and settings on Supermetrics GPT

Supermetrics GPT Chat Example - With Supermetrics, each query involves multiple steps: you must select a connection, choose accounts from that connection, and repeat the process for each data source. This effectively doubles the effort when you're analyzing cross-channel metrics from platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Adzviser GPT Chat Example - Adzviser simplifies this process by allowing marketers to save and organize all connected accounts into distinct workspaces, similar to folders in a file system. This setup enables you to conduct cross-channel queries with a single prompt, simplifying your analytics workflow.

Supermetrics GPT does not send auto-generated spreadsheet reports via email

Although ChatGPT's large language model is advanced and capable, it can still occasionally make mistakes or “hallucinate”. To address this, Adzviser sends an auto-generated spreadsheet via email as a form of ground truth each time you query your marketing data through ChatGPT. This spreadsheet contains an exact copy of the data set provided to ChatGPT by our platform. Marketers can rest assured that they have a reliable backup to verify the accuracy of the information, providing a safety net in case you question the validity of ChatGPT's responses.

Supermetrics supports only four data sources on its GPT

Adzviser is deeply committed to creating a thriving ecosystem for marketers in the AI space. We aim to provide the best resources we've developed, without any reservations. Markers have full access to all the connectors we've developed so far on ChatGPT, with more on the way. We firmly believe that the future of marketing analytics will be AI centric, led by human insights.

Adzviser maximizes flexibilities and barely sets limitations

Unlimited connections vs limited connections

For freelance and agency marketers who manage multiple client accounts, limited connections can be a significant drawback. Supermetrics restricts this with tiered plans: the entry-level plan at $29/month allows connections to three accounts per data source; the mid-level plan at $159/month increases this to eight; and the highest plan at $999/month permits ten. Each additional account costs $10 on top of the base plan. In contrast, Adzviser’s basic entry-level plan imposes no such limits on the number of connections. Marketers can freely connect all their clients' accounts and access data from any supported destination without restriction.

Freedom to choose data sources versus restrictions on data source connections

Admittedly, Supermetrics supports more data sources than Adzviser. However, to access certain data sources on Supermetrics, you need to pay extra. For example, Supermetrics' entry-level plan limits marketers to 4 specific data sources: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics 4 and the now-sunsetted Google Analytics. Connecting to additional sources like LinkedIn Ads or Instagram Insights costs an extra $19/month per source. This pricing model is consistent across all three of Supermetrics’ subscription plans, each offering a predefined set of connectable data sources.

In comparison, Adzviser provides the freedom of selection for marketers. With any of our plans, you can choose from all supported data sources without facing extra charges. For example, a social media marketer on our 3-data-source plan could connect to LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Insights, while a PPC marketer might choose Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Unlimited data refreshes vs restricted data refreshes

Supermetrics’ entry-level plan allows data refreshes only once per week, while their mid-level plan permits daily refreshes. In contrast, Adzviser offers daily data refreshes across all our plans, providing greater flexibility without restrictions.

Adzviser is more affordable than Supermetrics

Made and hosted fully in the USA, Adzviser aims to deliver approximately 90% of Supermetrics’ features at just 10% of the cost. Supermetrics' pricing is primarily based on two factors: destinations and data sources. Each destination, such as Google Sheets or Looker Studio, requires a separate subscription starting at $29/month, billed annually. For non-standard data sources beyond Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics 4, there's an additional charge of $19/month per source. Supermetrics also imposes account connection limits: three for the entry-level plan, eight for the mid-level, and ten for the highest plan, with each additional account costing $10/month.

In contrast, as a fully bootstrapped company built entirely by our in-house engineering without a sales team, Adzviser offers a more affordable solution. All destinations are included in every subscription plan without extra charges. Marketers can access any supported data source without restrictions and connect an unlimited number of accounts per data source. This makes Adzviser a cost-effective and flexible alternative for marketers.

New kid on the block vs Titan

Supermetrics is a well-established, VC-backed titan with over 300 employees and a substantial sales and marketing team. Their solutions are widely recognized for effectively addressing various marketing analytics challenges. So, why choose Adzviser, the new kid on the block?

Adzviser offers a leaner, more agile approach approach. As a fully bootstrapped company, we focus intensely on innovation and customer satisfaction without the overhead of large teams. It allows us to quickly implement feedback and roll out new features that directly meet our users’ needs. Plus, our pricing model is straightforward and affordable. By using Adzviser, you will support indie-developers and indie-businesses that grow with your business.

Give Adzviser a shot

Do you have an account with any of the major marketing platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads or Google Analytics? Give Adzviser a chance. Sign up for a 14-day trial for just $0.99. You can effortlessly talk to your marketing data from any of our supported destinations to report and optimize. Learn more how you can achieve this from our YouTube channel or help docs.

Adzviser: affordable marketing analytics

Made and hosted entirely in the USA, Adzviser maintains affordable pricing for marketers through the following methods.

Adzviser: flexible marketing data connector barely with limits

At Adzviser, we are committed to unlocking greater potential and productivity through flexibility. Our offerings are divided into two primary areas of flexibility: business and engineering.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

Adzviser is specifically designed for the needs of freelancers and agencies who work with clients managing web analytics, PPC and social media campaigns.

Adzviser: marketing analytics platform for in-house marketers

Adzviser can be a powerful tool for in-house marketers dedicated to the companies they serve. As an in-house marketer, you may wear multiple hats and run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms––from web analytics and social media to SEO and PPC.

Easy to use, affordable marketing analytics tool for ecommerce and startups

Adzviser helps founders of ecommerce and tech startups get performance metrics from their marketing platforms and web analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Our platform supports a comprehensive range of data sources and destinations.

Adzviser: a simple tool to analyze marketing metrics

The goal of Adzviser is to provide marketers with extremely easy access to their data fast and accurately. If you don’t find our solution usefully simple, we have failed.

What makes Adzviser a great Supermetrics alternative

Many marketers rely on Supermetrics to connect to their marketing data and conduct analytics on platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio.