Intro to Google Ads Account Auditing within ChatGPT

Launch of PPC Ads VA with audit feature

Tl;dr - if you’re a Google Ads marketer, please use PPC Ads Virtual Assistant GPT for the new auditing feature (screenshot).

Two weeks ago, an agency marketer who uses our ChatGPT integration for Google Ads reporting shared his workflow with me. While he appreciated our tools, he saw an opportunity for us to enhance our service. He typically spends around 10 hours auditing prospective clients' Google Ads accounts, focusing on key areas such as:

  • Is there a specific campaign for branded search traffic, and have branded keywords been included as broad match negative keywords in non-branded campaigns?
  • Are there any offline conversion tracking set up, and have they been set up correctly?
  • Do the conversion goals have fixed or variable values assigned to them?

This process is crucial as it forms the basis of his client proposals and, ultimately, his revenue generation. Thankfully, he provided detailed insights into his workflows and asked me if I could automate them. The answer is a resounding yes.

Over the past two weeks, I've dedicated more than 200 hours to the following tasks:

  • In-depth Research: Dived deep into Google Ads resources such as subreddit r/PPC, Search Engine Land, Solution 8 Blogs & Newsletters, and PPC Mastery Blog & Newsletters, to understand the latest trends and techniques.
  • Google Ads API Validation: Revisited the Google Ads API to check the feasibility of various audit steps. For example, Google Ads Query Language is able to pull whether a Google Ads account is connected to a Merchant Center account, but not GA4 and YT Channel (screenshot). These nuances were crucial and noted for further development.
  • Development of Adzviser APIs: Created a comprehensive set of new Adzviser APIs that efficiently fetch key settings from marketers’ Google Ads accounts. This includes data on performance, account settings, audience statistics, conversion tracking, bidding strategies, and search campaign ad copy.
  • Knowledge Base Expansion: Enhanced the ChatGPT integration by building an additional knowledge base specifically tailored for Google Ads auditing. This resource is designed to streamline the auditing process, making it more efficient and effective.

However, there was a hitch. While testing this feature on our existing Google Ads Virtual Assistant, we encountered a delay due to trademark concerns with OpenAI. More specifically, the term “Google Ads” is a trademark and the OpenAI team will need to manually review my appeal (more context). To sidestep this and avoid a prolonged review process, we introduced a new GPT: PPC Ads Virtual Assistant. This new GPT is equipped with our latest auditing feature and is not hindered by the review delays affecting our original tool.

For the next few weeks, the PPC Ads Virtual Assistant will be the go-to tool for the latest auditing features. We plan to update the Google Ads Virtual Assistant once the review hurdles are cleared.

Hopefully, with this new Google Ads auditing feature, it will bring the following benefits:

  • In-house marketers: Optimize your Google Ads accounts using industry-wide standards and best practices.
  • Agency marketers: Efficiently onboard new clients by conducting thorough audits of their Google Ads accounts to quickly spot and leverage growth opportunities.

I am excited for you to try this new feature, which I believe will significantly enhance your Google Ads marketing strategies. Save time, uncover new opportunities, and drive success with Adzviser.


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